The Assistant (Mint-A-Kleen Waterline Cleaning Accessory)

The Assistant MAK-1380
The Assistant MAK-1380
The Assistant MAK-1380
The Assistant MAK-1380

The Assistant

(Mint-A-Kleen Waterline Cleaning Accessory)

  • Patent Pending by Anodia Systems.

  • MFR #: MAK-1380

The Assistant is a dental waterline cleaning accessory used during Mint-A-Kleen’s protocol for cleaning dental unit waterlines. When cleaning dental unit waterlines, the water in the handpiece hoses and three way syringes must be expelled.

The top of The Assistant is designed to hold four dental unit waterlines simultaneously.  The brass fitting of The Assistant is inserted into the high-speed suction. The water is expelled into The Assistant which is removed by the high speed suction. 

The Assistant protects dental staff from the aerosol contamination and splatter.  The Assistant should be connected during the entire Mint-A-Kleen waterline treatment.  The Assistant serves as a visual reminder to the dental staff and dentist that Mint-A-Kleen still remains inside the dental unit.

The Assistant Instructional Video:

Instructions for use:

Attach to the high-speed suction.  This open-ended container holds four waterlines (2 handpiece hoses and 2 air water syringes) in order to air purge four lines at one time.

  1. Insert The Assistant's brass end into the dental unit’s high-speed suction.
  2. Turn high-speed suction on.  Insert handpiece hose ends into openings on top of The Assistant. Activate foot control.
  3. Place syringe tip in the opening of The Assistant and activate syringe’s water button.
  4. Air Purge is completed when water is no longer exiting syringe tips and handpiece hoses.
  5. Remove The Assistant when dental unit waterline cleaning procedure is completed. 
  6. Rinse The Assistant.  Do not autoclave.

(10 Pack) Mint-A-Kleen Waterline Cleaner

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(6 Pack) Mint-A-Kleen Waterline Cleaner


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  • Brass fitting inserts into high-speed suction.
  • Removes waste by suction—Avoiding aerosolization and splatter when waterlines are purging.
  • Open-ended container holds four waterlines to purge four lines at one time.